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So they say that cream always rises to the top. And I believe, anyway, that winners will always find a way to win.

But things in life have a way of knowing how to f*ck you repeatedly.

Today, I have a great many things I need to get done, and yet…

  • My credit card is being declined
  • My blog feeds are broken across several of my websites, and I’ve spent several hours trying to fix them with no success. I get to dig through dozens and dozens of PHP files looking for blank spaces. Delete any I find, and the dumb feeds are still broken.
  • I’m trying to record a training video about how to set up a blog feed through a website, but see point above.
  • My Aweber widget for setting up a capture form isn’t working. I’m creating it exactly as it should be done, in WordPress, but nothing appears on my site.
  • No potential deals are closing for me. I haven’t been hired by a new client in at least 4 months, though I’ve had probably at least a dozen leads contact me in that time.

Indeed, things are pretty grim. All I’ve wanted is to close ONE new website deal so I could have some disposable income with which to purchase a plane ticket to Buenos Aires, so that I could travel there in a couple of months.

But nothing is working. I’m working and working, but not making enough money to cover my costs. It’s the lamest thing ever. And all of the software and such that I have is broken and decides it wants to take a day off.

When will I finally turn things around? Or will new problems surface and dog me all of my days?

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