How to Create a Successful Business using Social Media

I’m passing out all kinds of goodies today!!!

Hello from Big Bad Bangkok!

I’m so excited today! Why? Well, there’s always reasons to feel excited and optimistic… regardless of whatever your current situation. If we prepare ourselves well, and know what we want, new and amazing opportunities for us are always waiting around the corner.

But I’m also excited because I’m releasing, publicly, for all you heathens, an exclusive, one-of-a-kind premium interview from the members area of my WordPress Design Institute.

This was, hands down, one of my most favorite interviews that I’ve done.

And its PACKED with killer information. (Just click the link below to listen to it)

How to Get 65,000+ Facebook followers using the MOCCHI method.

My friend Minh, is one of the sharpest self-employed men I’ve ever met. But he’s created a philosophy and a system, for replicating massive amounts of success using social media, which you can use, regardless of your business.

His Facebook page is closing in on 100,000 followers after only 2 years.
He charges premium rates and gets gigs across the country thanks to free social media marketing.

There’s a TON of takeaways from this interview, and it’s jam-packed with premium content.

I should be charging hundreds for this kind of content… but darn me and my lousy business sense.. makes this my loss and a big gain for you.

Again, here’s the link to the interview.


And in the meantime, I’m going to be busying myself trying to get a transit visa for India! Headed from Bangkok to Malaysia next week for a chillout session, and then onward to India and Nepal.

Mt Everest base camp… I’ve got you in my sights! You and will tango, real soon.

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