This Blog is Going to Be Important Someday!

That’s right.

You heard it here first. One of these days, I’mma tell you what…

The Blog of Danny Flood

Is going to be a valuable resource to peeps. For serious. People are going to care what I have to say, and I won’t just bitch about this and that. I’m throwing away my alibis. Fuck, I’m living in Mexico for Christ’s sakes. I don’t have any safe harbors any more. When was the last time you were down here?

Speaking of which, I’ve had an interesting time down here so far. I’ve only been here a week, but a shitload of things have happened to me. More than a month’s time in Del Mar. And more than anything else, my routines have been broken, allowing me to establish new and better ones. And that’s a very good thing. Still, interruptions come out of left field. But fuck it. I’ve established simple rituals that I will stick to every day. I’m going to get LavaLink to the point where it’s marketable (by peeps other than myself), and I’m going to create my information product.

Anyway, I did a trade with the lady who’s place I’m living at now by designing her a website in exchange for a board to shack up on – for her Ensenada Hostel.

Oh – by the way – I’m listening to Albert Ammons right now, Piano Blues. iTunes that shit.

I digress. In the course of creating the site, I got the chance to drive around a bit and get some good shots of my new digs. Gotta love it when work and pleasure coalesce, right?

Check out some of the good ones:

Danny Flood visiting the wine country.

Danny Flood, on the way to the wine country.

Danny Flood, at the docks.

Danny Flood, at San Miguel.

And a panoramic shot of San Miguel (it’d be nice if there were waves!)

Danny Flood, taking some sick shots of San Miguel.

What the dickens?

Anyway, I’ll talk to you again soon, my dear reader. I’ve got some good stuff coming at ya in the next episode. Wait and see.

Until then adieu (to you, and you, and you!)…

Danny Flood

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