Be Hugging-Conscientious

Be conscious about patting someone’s back during hugs. Here are 4 reasons why:

1. If a male and female like each other but aren’t sexually attracted, they pat each other to convey their disinterest.

2. If one of them wants to take the relationship further, but the other doesn’t, the person who STARTS the patting is signaling lack of sexual attraction, while the disappointed partner in the hug pats back to show he or she (supposedly) doesn’t care.

3. The two ARE sexually attracted to each other but there is a strong sexual tension which they release through mutual-patting

4. When exes hug each other, and it dawns on them that it’s over (or their new lovers are watching), they start patting.

Now it’s important to note that if two MEN are hugging, patting is an important gesture to show that they are not physically enjoying the hug.

Danny Flood

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