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How to Finally Become a Rockstar WordPress Website Designer, Impress Clients, and Take Your Graphic Design Career to a Whole New Level

WordPress for Fun and Profit

If you’d like to learn how to make five or six times more money in your graphic design career (even with no portfolio), while working less hours – by using WordPress, then this will be the most important workshop you’ll ever attend…

From: Danny Flood
Monday, 8:27 AM

“I threw away my portfolio two years ago.”

Why? Because I don’t need it. Thanks to WordPress, I now have an extremely lucrative design career and I could care less about my portfolio.

And guess what? …It’s a really great feeling.

If you’d like to learn how to improve your graphic design career the way I did, then have a seat for a few minutes and listen my story…

Three years ago I was a struggling graphic designer. You know exactly how it is – the feast or famine cycle of a freelancer. I had just graduated from the Art Institute, and found myself emerging into a job market that was mired in the worst economic environment in 70 years.

I had only a tiny bit of money saved, I was forced to sleep on the couch of my cousin’s one bedroom apartment, because I couldn’t convince my clients that my services – graphic design – were worth paying for. I had a beat-to-shit PT Cruiser that I hoped would hold together just one more day. The situation was so bad that I posted Ads on Craigslist offering graphic design services for free, just so I could get some work somehow.

Well guess what? Most of the clients I found on Craigslist  were just as desperate as I was, and if I did manage to make some money from them, my client would always find ways to make my life miserable.

My prospects were looking grim – and I felt like I had NO options, few connections, and worst of all – no power over my own future.

The Big Lie

Back then – I had believed in the “The Big Lie” that they taught us in school – that it was all about building your portfolio. But this is very naive thinking. Trying to pitch yourself with your little printed portfolio clasped between your palms just isn’t enough to impress anyone any more – and the client holds all of the power (after all, they’re the ones holding the checkbook).

You’re powerless if you try to do things this old way – the harder way.

Sites like are becoming popular every day – crowdsourcing is becoming the norm, to the chagrin of groups like the AIGA. Clients who don’t care about the quality of your work would rather outsource your job to India or the Phillipines. “Spec-Work,” the two most hated words in the Design world, is here to stay. These are the cold hard facts.

I can distinctly remember bringing my portfolio to one interview after another, with a vain hope that I could get work… but guess what? There was often 40-50 other graphic designers interviewing for the same position.

Even IF you are you’re own self-motivator, these types of situations are hard on the life of a graphic designer. They take their toll. Why do you think so many graphic designers have fall back jobs as baristas and waitresses?

Anyway, back to my story.

It seemed like I had no options – very few prospects, no connections, very little (if any) hope for the future, and I was running out of time…

How I Finally Turned Things Around

It was a night like any other. I was out with some friends at the Ruby Room – when I ran into an old classmate from the Art Institute named Matt. I remembered Matt as a pretty promising graphic designer who was always very shrewd. He was the one who hooked me up with a bootleg version of CS4 back when we were both students.

Now, he filled me on the new stuff he was doing. He had found a great new way to make money doing graphic design, that was ridiculously easy than anything I had ever heard of before. He summed it up in one word…


“I can make $900 in a single day using WordPress,” he boasted, “If you want to bring me clients we can team up and I’ll split the money with you.”

Was I interested?

Heck yes I was!

After that day, my good friend Matt taught me the ins and outs of working with WordPress. He taught me the easiest way to get my WordPress sites up and running in mere minutes using one-click Installs. He showed me how to set up WordPress themes, and customize them to my heart’s content… and many more little tips and tricks that I can’t list here…

And I got good. Really good. Each project developed my skills further, and I learned all the important tricks to working with WordPress through trial and error (mostly error!).

And finally, after personally designing dozens of WordPress sites, winning the approval of countless clients, and the respect of industry peers, I came away with an entirely different perspective on things.

Making money as a designer is not hard – it’s ludicrously easy – if you specialize in a service that everyone wants. You don’t need a portfolio to be successful as a graphic designer or make a lot of money!

How do I know? Because I make five or six times more now, after learning WordPress, while working less – and I threw my portfolio away two years ago!

Here’s a small sampling of the things you’ll learn when you come to my workshop… and this is just the tip of the iceberg:

How to quickly create stunning WordPress websites that will leave your clients gushing (I’ll show you the EXACT steps to do it, from start to finish – no computer programming skills needed)
How to have a ridiculously fast (a few days after domain registration!) turnaround time that will amaze and mystify your clients
Why print is no longer on the mind of your clients (or budgets). The focus is shifting online… to sources like Google and social media. WordPress is the glue that integrates everything seamlessly – it not only rocks the search engines, it’s also the perfect destination for social media traffic. I will show you how to leverage it for both.
How to select the right theme for your project based on a few simple criteria. Whether it’s a portfolio site for yourself, a business site, or an eCommerce site – you can do it all using WordPress – and I’ll show you what to look for and where to look.
Simple tricks to easily make CSS changes in just a few seconds using tools like FireFTP, Photoshop, and Firebug
How to take advantage of the “open-source” mania of WordPress. The exact plugins to activate to supercharge any WordPress site into the stratosphere. We’ll go over them all – there are far too many to list here.
What you’ll need to do to maximize your site’s “On-site optimization” and how to generate thousands of visitors each month to your WordPress site

…You’ll learn all of this and much, much more!

Even if you’re advanced and already familiar with the WordPress platform to some degree, you’ll still want to attend this workshop because I promise you will learn a few new tricks that you won’t find anywhere else.

It’s time to take your graphic design career to the next level – and I’ll teach you the exact steps how. Hope to see you at the workshop!

Author Bio: Danny Flood is the Director of New Media for Sneaker Academy, based in La Jolla, Calif, and runs his own boutique web design and marketing firm, called LavaLink. He is a speaker lecturing on search engine optimization tactics and WordPress design. He has built WordPress websites for dozens of satisfied clients in a number of different industries.

PS Very Important: This is not knowledge that I picked up from a “book.” I’ll be teaching you “hands-on” knowledge that I acquired from thousands of hours of experience, which you will learn in just a couple short hours. You’ll learn shortcuts and simple tricks that took me a long time to figure out, in just mere minutes as I walk you through each one step-by-step. It’s the fastest way to get up to speed QUICKLY, because the workshop will be jam-packed with practical techniques (tested and applied countless times) you can start applying IMMEDIATELY.

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