My Rituals

So here’s a list of the “Daily Success Rituals” that I’ve created for myself so far. It’s engineered to help produce a happy, healthy live and accomplish the goals that I (or you, if you should choose to adopt it) set for myself. These rituals are called “daily,” because they should be done every single day.

My Daily Rituals

  • 45-60 minutes exercise / workout in the morning (Weights, cardio, stretching, yoga/tai-chi, mediation, etc.)
  • Focus on breath for 10 breaths, 3 times per day. Ratio of inhale to holding breath to exhaling: 1:4:2 (example: 5 second inhale : 20 seconds hold : 10 seconds exhale)
  • Eat water-rich foods as often as possible (fruits, vegetables, sprouts, but really anything raw or organic. More greens / salads, etc.)
  • Use a digital timer to single task on work assignments; work against the clock
  • Plan out the day and prioritize items; create lists the night before.
  • Use a physical anchor to get into a productive state; I use a technique that I learned from Eric von Sydow called the “Meta-Yes.” Basically, it’s an affirmation on steroids: When I’m in a great state, I create an anchor, for me it’s as simple as a fist-pump. Then when I want to return to that state I say an affirmation and repeat the anchor, over and over, and say with force and verve “YES!” Similarly, you can say something that you don’t want to be and say “NO!” I’ll probably talk about this topic more in a later post as it’s an interesting and very valuable one.
  • Eliminate or leave alone sources of friction (burns willpower); tie up loose ends (energy robbers). Break off, minify, or repair bad relationships.
  • Visualize your ideal day (focus on the goal, and let your creative energies figure out a way to get there, as Dr. Maltz says in Psycho-Cybernetics)
  • Before bed time, take time to wind down (meditation, breathing, reflection). I also use a Nightwave to help slow my breathing before sleep and eat almond butter to counter-act a low blood-sugar level in the morning.
  • Renewal: Give the body the building blocks it needs to renew itself. Focus on renewing all of my energies, physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

So that’s what I’ve got so far. Of course, it’s not perfect yet and I’m still experimenting to find the routines that work best for me. But just having a list to start with has proven to be a great asset for me in my own personal and business growth.

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